Sunday, November 28, 2010

Atul Gawande's Complication: A Surgeon's Note on Imperfect Science

I went to Border last weekend and was browsing general Medical bookshelf. One book that caught mine attention was complication. Front and back page contained very glowing reviews about the book.
So, I decided to read the book. This book is very easy to read, crisp and informative.
I was holding my breath and my heart was pumping very hard while reading some chapters.

Surgeons become proficient by performing same procedures over and over. They don't bored considering their repetitive jobs. They take pride in their perfection.

If you compare a Surgeon to Machine, it is the best compliment that they can get.

Every Surgeon commits mistake.

Lessons for Software Professional
Technology changes very fast. We cann't master technology and cannot be perfect. We should follow some good practices that protect us from disasters.
Document, Document and Document.
Measure, Measeure and Measure.

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