Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Medical Tourism

The U.S. healthcare system is not
only the most expensive in the world but estimated 50 million people have no health coverage and 130 million have
no dental insurance.

The BlueShield of
California’s Access Baja Plan offers people living near the border an opportunity to receive medical care in Mexico.
According to the MTA (2009c) reports, Surgical Tip has joined with USNow to offer medical tourism to all its
members and Healthbase has collaborated with WellPoint Blue Cross Blue Shield to handle their pilot program of
offering medical tourism for Americans traveling to India. According to the International Federation of Health Plans
reports, almost 11 percent of U.S. employers are currently offering medical tourism and about 73 percent of U.S.
companies might offer CDHP (Consumer Driven Health Plan) that can help people to seek healthcare overseas and
can save them the deductibles and coinsurance payments (MTA, 2009c).

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